Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My little tiny girl

Happy Birthday to my biggest fan, Frannie. She always says the nicest things to me, how good I look, even when I don't feel quite so lovely. She loves to sign "I love you" to me, like it's a special code just between us. She truly wants to be right beside me at all times of the day and night (oooh boy) and even when I have to run 43 errands on Saturday, she would rather do that with her Mamma then stay at home watching tv. I am thinking about and praying very hard for her Mom and Dad in China, hoping that somehow they know she is okay and maybe, just maybe, we can go there one day and let them know who she is and how gorgeous, funny and smart she has become. Look how tiny she was!!!! She had not yet turned two in this picture.


Steve and Darcy said...

Happy Birthay Frannie!! When are we going to have that play date?? Hope that you have an extra special day!!! We love you, Sweet Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Frannie!!! we have been thinking about you all week... asking your momma & poppa to give you another kiss from your Syracuse relatives. Hope to talk with you soon! Love from Aunt Gwen & Uncle Mike, and Maria & Connor too!